Data Driven Security for the Enterprise

Our products enable a new level of enterprise security that’s based on data, analytics and real time controls. They’re designed to empower the enterprise, and enable you to adopt new technologies & capabilities – not live in fear of them.

Interlock Product Features

  • Persistent Monitoring - Monitors and derives intelligence from mobile system events and activities.
  • Data Driven Security – Proprietary analytics that quickly identify, analyze and mitigate problems.
  • Real Time intelligent Control – Enforcement that ensures security and policy compliance.
  • Enterprise Compatibility – Integrates with your existing infrastructure.
  • Technology Leadership – Compelling capabilities that include technologies from our partners.

The Interlock Product

Regardless of how trustworthy you think a device, authentication method, SaaS platform or individual user may be – they’re not. Mobile devices, user accounts and users need to be monitored over time.

Our Interlock product persistently monitors how individual users and mobile devices interact with your sensitive data. We assess the risk they pose and enable real time controls to protect you. Our data driven approach ensures security over time. Regardless of when or how problems emerge, Interlock ensures you can detect and mitigate them quickly.

Intelligent Real Time Protection

Interlock enforces real time controls that intelligently protect your enterprise and data. In contrast to existing data security practices, Interlock ensures security critical decisions are based on all the information available, not just Active Directory entries. We analyze historical and ongoing activities and use this information to safeguard your data and assets. In this way, Interlock thwarts malicious activities and provides the enterprise with the ability to adapt over time.

Security that Enables Innovation

Interlock is designed to help the enterprise keep pace with all the great new mobile devices, SaaS offerings and business users’ needs. We provide security that doesn’t require you to be chasing every new OS, device types or new models. By enabling you to closely monitor and limit the risk posed by individual users and devices – Interlock enables you to adopt new technologies quickly and to keep pace with new technologies and user needs.